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G-8488 Dripping Chandelier

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Imagine a shower of gleaming light, diffused amongst a cascade of big crystal stones. Envision that magnificence, frozen in time and hanging in your living space, the center of admiration and envy. That is what the G-8488 Dripping Chandelier brings. This radiant marvel, with measurements of D 28” x H 34", epitomizes luxury and sophistication. The LED bulb in its heart offers two captivating light options, clear or yellow golden, casting a magical glow that dances on every crystal surface. Moreover, the chandelier's intricacy does not impede functionality; it features an adjustable height for your convenience. Ignite your home with the enchanting allure of the G-8488 Dripping Chandelier and let the magnificent spectacle of light and crystal enchant those who step into its realm.