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G-Bendy Living Room Settee

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Welcome luxury living with the G-Bendy Living Room Settee. This stunning settte includes 2 sumptuously upholstered sofas in a chic off-white fabric. Each piece is tastefully adorned with gold steel trims, highlighting their intricate craftsmanship. The set also presents two regal armchairs, providing an indulgent comfort you'd happily sink into.
The center of attention, a striking coffee table, rests graciously between the sofas, with two side tables standing guard on each side. A sleek TV Stand/console is incorporated. facilitating your entertainment needs with elegant efficiency.
A streamlined wall board sets the stage, bringing the entire space to life. A smartly designed console and two mirrors resonate with the atmospheric charm, encapsulating the grandeur. The set is made complete with a polished dining table and 6 chairs, catering to your dining needs with sophistication. Revel in the luxury of G-Bendy Living Room Settee.