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G-CM99128 Glossy Black Console & Mirror

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Discover Elegance & Grandeur - G-CM99128 Glossy Black Console & Mirror
With the G-CM99128 Glossy Black Console and Mirror, your space boasts grandeur and style. Its glossy black finish combined with its gold trim bring a touch of lavishness to any room. The console is meticulously built with a black top tempered glass that exudes a timeless charm while offering a durable and practical surface. The matching mirror enhances the depth and dimension with a frame that matches perfectly with the console. Its dimensions, sitting at a comfortably large L 72” x W 16” x H 32” for the console, and a sizable L 72” x W 2” x H 28” for the mirror, ensures visible presence. This classic piece simply perfects the art of luxurious living!