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G-Lotus Living Room Settee

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G-Lotus Luxury Living Room Settee

Add a delightful touch of sophistication to your living area with the impeccable G-Lotus Living Room Settee. Elegantly dabbed with a nuanced grey stain, the settee is rendered utilizing high-end MDF material ensuring sturdiness and long term use. The settee features chic water resistance fabric, promising longevity and maintenance ease while offering optimal comfort.

Accented with a sumptuous cream Viny wood mirror back, the G-Lotus Settee embodies pure elegance and classic aesthetics. The artfully placed gold trim only enhances its resplendent appearance. The brilliant living room set includes 2 comfortable sofas and 2 armchairs for a relaxed seating arrangement, perfectly complemented by a sleek coffee table and 2 smart end tables.

For an immersive viewing experience, the set offers a stylish TV stand and TV panels, while the 2 console canines infuse an element of uniqueness. Polish your dining arrangements with 6 plush dining chairs and a generously sized table. The 4 accompanying mirrors amplify the grandeur, making this G-lotus Living Room Settee a true embodiment of opulence