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G-LR Atlantis Living Room Settee

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Delight in the opulence of your living space orchestrated by our G-LR Atlantis Living Room Settee. This masterpiece is a synthesis of stainless steel metal with titanium clay, giving it a modern and sleek finish. Crafted from first-class fabric and soft foam rubber, our seating offers unparalleled comfort. Notable features include decorative design cushions, and a cleanable soft fabric that ensures longevity. Emphasizing on the meticulous attention to detail is the well-crafted wood, touched with glossy special effect paint to accentuate its elegant appeal. The Settee is further characterized by a wood design realized through precision CNC techniques. The color, size, and fabric can be configured to your preference. The set embraces 2 inviting sofas, 2 armchairs, 2 stylish end tables, a coffee table, a console, 2 mirrors, a TV stand and wall unit, a dining table, and 6 elegant chairs, available in black with gold trim